Healthy Habits Club
Healthy Habits Club
Healthy Habits Club

Healthy Habits Club

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You know what to do - nourish your body with whole foods, get a good night sleep, move your body. Then why is it so hard to actually get these things done? 

The key is to create sustainable small habits that resonate with who YOU are. The answer isn't a colossal overhaul of your's embracing your life as is, and sneaking in tiny, doable actions to create BIG change over time. 

This experience, led by Joanne, will navigate learning and practicing all the principles of whole health through the science of behaviors. From sleep hygiene and stress management to nutritious eating, physical and mental health, the Habits Group will cover it all. 

You'll receive:

  • 2 new habits to practice each month
  • a personalized food portion packet to guide your eating choices
  • The ProCoach app for daily check-ins, resources and messaging with Jo
  • an exact, proven habit path that you can follow through more than 20 small, easy, healthy actions
  • bi-weekly office hours with Jo for 20-minute quick calls to ask questions and get a quick boost of motivation and accountability.
  • special discounts just for subscribers for 1:1 coaching programs to supplement your practice, Blueberry swag and more!

Billed monthly at $49, cancel anytime