Transformative Moments

The behavioral science-backed strategies that I use for clients are particularly helpful as people endure life changes, disruption in their routines, or need to adjust their outlook and physique due to changes in family dynamics. Key moments, where Blueberry Nutrition can help ease the transition may include:

  • Behavior modeling for family health
  • College students who need to know how to achieve wellness without supervision
  • Moms who spend hours driving kids to various activities
  • Peri-menopausal women with slowing metabolism
  • Post-menopausal women looking to reinvigorate and restore energy levels
  • Empty nesters who need new patterns without a family dinner time
  • Work schedule changes
  • Pre-wedding and post-wedding
  • Post-baby

"Joanne is such a great help! Her advice has been extremely helpful and catered to my busy life. She understands that I need simple changes and is always available to help me with support and fresh ideas." -SZC

“The mindfulness and practicality of Blueberry Nutrition, has helped me tremendously. I have only been with Joanne for one session, and already I have started to gain control over my health by making tiny and manageable changes to my habits." -CLM