The Blueberry Difference

While we can’t rely on motivation and willpower to help us stay on our health journey, we can take advantage of the inner workings of our brain to trick ourselves into action. By starting slow, this makes change feel good instead of restrictive; effortless instead of a slog.
Blueberry works with behavioral science in the following ways:


We use the science of habit formation to help fold new healthy actions into your life. We'll attach new habits to old, allowing you to seamlessly integrate change.

We pinpoint easy wins which helps your brain adapt to the small changes we will make along the way.

We work on a spectrum instead of all or nothing, which prevents your brain from checking-out during travel, stress, or difficult moments.

We establish systems, structure and schedules to make decision making easy.

We get to know you and your brain: Are you a rebel? A rule-follower? By knowing how you think, we will make things easy.