While we can’t rely on motivation and willpower to help us stay on our health journey, we can take advantage of the inner workings of our brain to trick ourselves into action. By starting slow, this makes change feel good instead of restrictive;
effortless instead of a slog.

The behavioral science-backed strategies that I use for clients are particularly helpful as people endure life changes, disruption in their routines, or need to adjust their outlook and physique due to changes in family dynamics. Key moments, where Blueberry Nutrition can help ease the transition may include:

Transformative Moments

Wellness paths for indpendent college students

Peri and Post Menopausal Women looking to regain vitality

Behavior Modeling for Family Health

Strategies for shift workers, new empty nesters and moms on the go.

Help with nutrition, rest, recovery and stress relief after a new baby.

We work on Whole Health

Our overall physical health is a sum of our diet, sleep, stress management, water intake, movement, and emotional satisfaction. Together we will work on all of these elements. Conquering all aspects of deep health is what is truly required for lasting change.

What you can learn from a Blueberry