Joanne is a multi-certified nutrition coach trained in the Psychology Of Change - based in motivational interviewing. She has been studying wellness, self-improvement and the science of change for years. 

She received an MPA from George Washington University with a concentration in behavior and dynamics. She is an experienced meditator with years of training in TM, Shambhala and Mindfulness Meditation. 

"I've worked hard to become a really good listener so I can create programs that are client, not coach-centered. That is what led me to create BN...A call to help women understand what I've learned through studying behavioral science, and create a personalized approach to health that will release my clients from the exhaustion and frustration of never-ending dieting."

you are powerful

"I want to help you find your inner blueberry strength"

 - Joanne Schell

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Certified Nutrition Coach

Joanne holds several professional certifications.
She is master level certified from Precision Nutrition, the largest, and most respected private nutrition coaching and education company in the world.  

She's also a certified Girls Gone Strong Coach. GGS is the industry’s top certification for health and fitness pros who work with women. This enhances Joanne's proficiency specific to the unique challenges that women face when pursuing their nutrition and wellness goals.

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