My mission is to help people, through behavioral science, build personalized habits and practices that empower each unique individual to achieve and maintain the healthiest version of themselves. I came to this passion through my own wellness journey.

I had always felt weak. And slow. And uncoordinated. I never excelled at sports as a kid (other than skiing which is still a life-long love), so when gym class would come, I would purposely walk the mile run test, fake my period to get out of swimming, and shuffle on the sidelines
in group sports.

My saving grace at the time was that my metabolism was like a race car. Every night I’d eat an Entenmann's Crumb Top Donut with a big glass of orange juice. Once a week I’d hit Friendly’s and grab an apple pie sundae, and I would stay “skinny.”

Things remained that way until my mid 30s. While my other mom friends were ordering light shrimp salad, I would order a grilled cheese off the kids’ menu. And while I was still able to stay slim after having my twins, I began to feel run down, sick, lethargic, and just plain off. I was thin, but not at all healthy!

While I was home raising twins (who are now 22) and realized how crappy I was feeling, I discovered the gym.
I went there for relief from my symptoms, and quite honestly, from my boys. The day care center at the gym allowed for 2.5 hours of exercise and boy did I take advantage. I went from jogging on the treadmill to training for triathlons all in the course of about two years. I worked with a swim coach and eventually a series of personal trainers to help me learn strength work. This time in fitness changed my life. I felt stronger, more confident, and more capable than ever.

As my thirties rolled on, however, I noticed that my old diet of French fries and burgers was not cutting it. Not only was I gaining weight, but I wasn’t performing my best at the gym or on the racecourse. I started gaining awareness to the critical role of nutrition. Slowly, I introduced handfuls of vegetables into my diet. I reduced my intake of process foods, and I became obsessed with how much better I felt.

For the next 20 years I worked with nutritionists, dieticians, and personal trainers. I read books on habit change, the psychology of personal growth, diet fads and exercise programs. Finally, I went back to school to become a certified health coach.

I have a master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in organizational change and behavior dynamics. I am a Precision Nutrition Master Nutrition Coach, and have specialized certifications in Change Psychology, Sleep, Stress & Recovery.

The truly lasting change I experienced lit a fire in me that continued to burn, resulting in a new calling and mission for my life.

My husband Chris and split our time between Philadelphia, where we were born and raised, and Steamboat Springs Colorado. I am fortunate that he shares in my love of the outdoors, and we play golf, hike and ski wherever and whenever we can.

After lots of education, experimentation and change, I have finally found a perfect balance between mental health and my physical appearence. I know what I am and AM NOT willing to do for a on my wellness journey. I make tons of room for the joy of sweets, treats and fried chicken sandwiches. I eat well and exercise with the goal being a better golfer and skier, NOT to be thinner. At 48 I have NEVER felt better. I move my body, I enjoy foods I love, and I’m at peace an HAPPY.