Physical Changes Through Mental Training

My clients are smart, interesting, cerebral people who regularly self-examine.  

The Pillars of Health

Our overall physical health is a sum of our diet, sleep, stress management, water intake, movement, and emotional satisfaction. Together we will work on all of these elements. Conquering all aspects of deep health is what is truly required for lasting change.

Disrupting your comfort zone without disrupting your life

This program is not about restrictive eating. It is not about deprivation and not about intense exercise regimens. It is about reconfiguring your personal routine to create a heightened sense of wellness, leaving anxiety about physical appearance behind.

Scheduling Wellness

Each week, we will plan for the challenges that the days ahead will bring. We will address your schedule and plan for moments when you can work towards positive health outcomes, without disrupting the rest of your life.

Planned Indulgences

Planned indulgences allow you to enjoy life, and to eat, drink, and celebrate without guilt and shame. The indulgence is far more satisfying when contemplated in advance, and far less disruptive when your behavior is a conscious choice.