Our Philosophy

Health & Wellness can be a complicated topic for women. Every day I meet people who are frustrated, struggling, confused, exhausted.
Exhausted from fighting a never-ending battle…..with weight, with exercise, with all the things the world is telling us we “SHOULD” be doing to be healthy. The resulting internal dialogue can be grueling and toxic.
Honestly, it breaks my heart and drives me to offer a better way to lasting health.
At Blueberry Nutrition, people are our heart, not rules or restrictions.
We want you to see the same beautiful, perfectly imperfect reflection of yourself that we do, and give yourself grace by understanding that progress isn’t a straight line.
Using behavioral science, we develop personalized health & wellness plans that allow you to shed the inner voice that whispers “do more”, “you’re not enough” and help you discover the path that works best for YOU.
Everyone's path is different. We'll find yours by changing small habits that deliver powerful, lasting results. There is no one size fits all. Your success is driven by the lifestyle you want to achieve and the trade offs you are willing to make. My focus is client centered, not coach centered. 
STOP DIETING and START LIVING! In health, happiness & freedom.
I'm here to walk with you.