At Blueberry we are dedicated to helping you to stop obsessing over diet and exercise and start effortlessly living a healthy life. 
I'm here to help you adopt tiny habits that already fit snuggly right into your existing routine.
With a host of options ranging from 1:1 to group coaching clubs, Blueberry provides you with a step-by-step road map to regaining vitality and living a healthy life with joy and ease. 

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A Different Approach

Health & Wellness can be a complicated topic for women. Every day I meet people who are frustrated, struggling, confused, exhausted.

Exhausted from fighting a never-ending battle…..with weight, with exercise, with all the things the world is telling us we “SHOULD” be doing to be healthy. The resulting internal dialogue can be grueling and toxic.At Blueberry Nutrition, people are our heart, not rules or restrictions.

Using behavioral science, we develop personalized health & wellness plans that allow you to shed the inner voice that whispers “do more”, “you’re not enough” and help you discover the path that works best for YOU.


Blueberry Nutrition is for your Whole Health
Simply click HERE for your custom guide

We'll help you determine the right portions and foods for your goals, easily incorporating them into your existing diet.

Learn to play again. We will help you find activities you love and find easy ways to add more movement into your daily routine

We will help you learn to sit with discomfort, stop emotional eating events, and find peaceful moments, even in the busiest days, to breathe

Sleep is the cornerstone of wellness. We'll help you establish a wind-down routine and get deep, meaningful rest.

Hear from blueberry clients

While going through Joanne's program I realized my true goals, buried under decades of worries and fears about food. I honestly have never felt better, calmer, or more in control of my health.


Jo is truly amazing to work with. She helped me to really examine and understand my eating patterns, how stress and sleep play a major role in weight loss success.


About Joanne Schell

Joanne is master-level certified from Precision Nutrition, the largest, and most respected private nutrition coaching and education company in the world.  She is also certified from PN in Sleep, Stress & Recovery and in the Psychology of Change.