Seasonal Coaching Package

Seasonal Coaching Package

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Meet the challenges of any season head-on with this three-month program.  Joanne will help you discover how to improve your health WITHOUT restricting your food. With expert help, develop a personal set of micro habits to accommodate your lifestyle as the season dictates and establish a foundation for wellness and whole health to use in other seasons.

This program includes 6, hour-long telehealth sessions as well as a a digital course, personalized resources and portion guides.

Right for:

  • Establishing a new back-to-school routine with busy children
  • Staying on track during the holidays and vacation
  • Embracing the outdoors in spring and emerging from winter hibernation
  • Post-baby self care, nutrition and sleep counseling
  • A perfect addition to Healthy Habits Club for more 1:1 support

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    is habit-based coaching Right for You?

    Small Habits

    We focus on small, manageable, healthy practices that become as automatic as brushing your teeth. 

    Powerful Results

    When practiced over time, these tiny actions lead to powerful changes in your body and mind. 

    A new approach

    Through my own health journey and working with others, the one thing I see consistently is women losing the same 20 pounds over and over again. They beat themselves up and feel like a failure each time.
    This vicious cycle leaves them feeling depleted, stressed, and hopeless.​

    Let's leave that cycle behind, release the struggle and build life-long sustainable practices to improve whole health & wellness.​
    Using behavioral science, I've built a habit-based coaching system designed to help clients meet their specific health, nutrition, and wellness goals.

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