Let's Talk About Wellness

Let's Talk About Wellness

Hi! Thank you for being a part of the conversation.
As our collective awareness about health and wellness continues to grow, the industry as a whole grows. One of the challenges that brings is A LOT of competing noise about what to do & how to do it. Part of my mission is to clear some of that clutter, but that starts with hearing your stories and understanding the challenges you face on your wellness journey.....what's nagging at you, what questions you have, what are your biggest frustrations and successes?
It's only fair though that I start the conversation by telling you a little about my own story and struggles.

I have always been little. Small. About 5 feet tall. I was blessed with a voice for singing and I spent most of my time in grade school at choir and drama practice. My petite stature opened the door for lots of bullying and typical high school torture. I was thrown in trash cans, picked up without consent, and used to feel swallowed up by the crowded hallways.
I had always felt weak. And slow. And uncoordinated. I never excelled at sports as a kid (other than skiing which is still a life-long love), so when gym class would come I would purposely walk the mile run test, fake my period to get out of swimming, and shuffle on the sidelines in group sports.

My saving grace at the time was that my metabolism was like a race car. Every night I’d eat an Entenmann's Crumb Top Donut with a big glass of orange juice 😳 . Once a week I’d hit Friendly’s and grab an apple pie Sunday and I would stay “skinny.”  
Things remained that way until my mid 30s. While my other mom friends were ordering light shrimp salad I would order a grilled cheese off the kids menu. And while I was still able to stay slim after having my twins, I began to feel run down, sick, lethargic and just plain off.
I was thin, but not at all healthy!

While I was home raising twins and realized how crappy I was feeling, I discovered the gym. I went there for relief from my symptoms, and quite honestly, from my boys. The day care center at the gym allowed for 2.5 hours of exercise and boy did I take advantage. I went from jogging on the treadmill to training for triathlons all in the course of about two years. I worked with a swim coach and eventually a series of personal trainers to help me learn strength work. This time in fitness changed my life. I felt stronger, more confident, and more capable than ever.


As my thirties rolled on, however, I began to notice that my old diet of French fries and burgers was not cutting it. Not only was I gaining weight, but I wasn’t performing my best at the gym or on the race course. I started gaining awareness to the critical role of nutrition. Slowly, I introduced handfuls of vegetables into my diet. I reduced my intake of process foods, and I became obsessed with how much better I felt.
For the next 20 years I worked with nutritionists, dieticians and personal trainers. I read books on habit change, the psychology of personal growth, diet fads and exercise programs.  The truly lasting change I experienced lit a fire in me that continued to burn, resulting in a new calling and mission for my life. 

At 47 I have NEVER felt better. I do cardio. I lift weights. I eat vegetables. I rarely drink alcohol. And I’m HAPPY.

This evolution took more than 20 years. It wasn’t fast, but its permanent.
A wellness journey is not something that can be completed with a 30 day challenge or with the elimination of all sugar (I mean that is NO FUN.) it’s a process of slowly building in new habits that will drastically transform your life. Step by little step.

I am now deeply committed to helping other women on their journey. A journey that can often be exhausting, confusing, frustrating....

I would LOVE to hear about your own path through wellness and what your greatest challenges are.
Together, we can support each other by talking about and learning from the stumbling blocks and logjams that we’ve all experienced. Although our paths may be different, we are all on this road together. I hope this space becomes one of mutual growth and support.

Let's chat in the comments section.

xo, Joanne




  • rmcmkirweq

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Blueberry

    @Lisa K.
    Thanks for your question! The key to any eating style is sustainability. No food should be off limits to you. Instead of looking at foods as “good or bad,” you can put them on a continuum. Make a conscious decision about how often you want to eat these foods. Be aware when you eat them and decide if they are really worth having. (Often times we eat certain things out of habit, and upon further inspection, realize they aren’t that great!)
    The best indulgences are usually planned, so scheduling in some treats is a good place to start. You can also budget for some impulse eats as well…
    Once you figure out which foods you are unwilling to part with, experiment so you can discover how much you can have without giving up your wellness goals. This is a calculation we all have to make and its the key to being at peace with your daily intake.
    Finally, we all know there are certain foods that make us just lose our minds. For me, that’s donuts. So I NEVER bring them in the house. Eating one is an effort and takes some planning. This way, I create an environment that does not allow me to lose control. I go to the store, buy one donut, and leave. I eat it slowly, savoring every last bite.

  • Blueberry

    @Karen R.
    Thanks for your question. Our daily routines have been turned upside down, which makes planning ahead really difficult. Having said that, there are still a few “ANCHOR HABITS” that we do every day, regardless of our schedule. Some are:
    Brushing our teeth
    Putting our seatbelt on in the car
    Drinking our coffee
    Flushing the toilet
    Every one of these anchor habits presents an opportunity for us to introduce small changes in our lives. Here are some examples of how this works:
    When I pour my morning coffee I will fill up my water bottle for the day. (Drink more water)
    Before I put my seatbelt on, I will take three deep breaths (Meditation)
    After I flush the toilet, I will do 10 squats (Strength Building)
    The best way to start is to list your anchor habits, and then come up with some practices you want to introduce into your daily life. Pair the ones that make sense. Make them small to start.

  • Karen R

    Hi Joanne-

    I feel like I’m always in “react” mode with family and work. How can I implement some healthy habits amidst the chaos? I find it hard to plan when each day is so different.

  • Lisa Kanter

    What is the best way to eat healthy and be fit for the long term without feeling like you have to deprive yourself of the things you really love, like cheese and ice cream? 😊

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