Joanne's Shopping List

Joanne's Shopping List

Part of achieving your health goals is being realistic, making things easy & more manageable, not harder & more complicated.
I am a big fan of short cuts and food prep/assembly rather than dirtying every pan in my house.
This habit makes it so much easier for me to stay on track and make good decisions when life gets busy.

    This simple list keeps me stocked and ready to put together a bunch of options in a pinch. 

    Market List

    • Raspberries
    • Blueberries
    • Bell Pepper
    • Mini Cucumbers
    • Baby Carrots
    • Snap Peas
    • Organic Cooked Grilled Chicken Tenders
    • freshly ground almond butter
    • Unsweetened almond milk
    • Fage 0% yogurt
    • Frozen veggies
    • Frozen berries
    • Trader Joe's cauliflower rice stir fry
    • Daily Harvest Grain Bowls

    I always recommend shopping the perimeter of the supermarket. This route helps you avoid all the highly processed items that are marketed with such fervor at the store. However, we all need to buy boxed and packaged items from time to time. When in doubt, follow the RULES OF 5 listed below:

    • Less than 5g sugar
    • At least 5g fiber
    • Less than 5 ingredients

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