How To Make The Perfect Shake or Smoothie

How To Make The Perfect Shake or Smoothie

Shakes and smoothies can be a wonderful way to pack nutrients in a portable and easy to digest form. Most American women get plenty of protein in their diets. But, if you are trying to build muscle, lose fat or have other specific wellness goals, it may be difficult to meet the requirements needed to obtain those goals without the help of supplementation.  While whole foods should always be the first option, a shake can be a great way to meet this need. By eating more protein you can :

  • Help yourself feel more full and satiated
  • Build muscle mass
  • Increase your immunity
  • Improve exercise recovery
  • And get generally stronger. 

Should I choose Whey or Plant Protein?

Whey is a complete protein and has been well researched and verified by the nutritional community. If you don’t have a problem with dairy, or have ethical objections to using an animal based protein, you’ll get the most bang for your buck with whey.

If you do have dairy concerns, plant protein is a good alternative (and the one that I use.)

At Blueberry Nutrition, we recommend Ladder Protein ( 

It is certified by the National Federation of Sports, which means it’s ingredients are verified. It also contains essential amino acids (these are proteins you can not make in your body and must eat or drink), as well as probiotics and  enzymes to help with digestion. The powders come in Whey or Plant Based, Vanilla & Chocolate.

There are two types of shakes:

  1. Simple Protein Shake -
    This shake is low in calories and simply provides protein supplementation. Usually just protein powder and water, dairy, or a dairy substitute is included here.  You can add a few ice cubes to make it more of a smoothie consistency. 
  2. Super Smoothie -
    Consider a super shake to be a meal substitute or great after workout snack. You'll want to take one ingredient from each category to make it complete.

         Here's our formula for the perfect super smoothie:

    If you're like me, a shake or smoothie can be the perfect way to get your nutrients while on the go. I wanted to share my favorite super smoothie recipe. Share yours in the comments. 

    Joanne's Favorite Super Smoothie Recipe

    • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
    • 1 serving vanilla protein powder
    • 1 handful frozen blueberries
    • 1 fist full of spinach
    • 1 teaspoon flax/chia seeds


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