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While society has trained us to have implicit bias against larger bodies, it is possible for someone in a large body to be just as, if not more metabolically healthy than someone in a very small body. Read more.

If we could harness the power of our thoughts - what would we use it for? Think about how much time you spend obsessing over the size of your jeans or the cupcake you just ate. What if we could free up all that space in your brain and use it for something good and productive?

As we head into late fall we are hit with a barrage of holidays. From Halloween to New Years and everything in between.
All of these celebrations have one thing in common - lots of food! These moments should be enjoyed. Find out how.
Do you shudder at the thought of going out to dinner because you won’t know the exact macros of your meal? Learn about the pitfalls of calorie counting.

Maybe you’ve tried to get healthy in the past and it hasn’t worked out. That doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you a fighter! 
Let's look at a few ways to improve health without dieting.