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The Blueberry Method

Our sessions will start with information gathering about who you are, what you do, what makes you tick, what motivates you and what stands in your way. This information is different for each person and is a crucial step in how I design your plan.

The next step is to learn more about who you are through crucial conversations. We work through a series of highly customized questions that help me understand how you have shaped your daily life and how we can adjust your day so that it aligns with your wellness goals.

Finally, we work together to insert tiny, joyful habits into your existing routine and lifestyle. No need for restriction or stress. Healthy habits become as easy and automatic as brushing your teeth.

Disrupting your comfort zone without disrupting your life

This program is not about restrictive eating. It is not about deprivation and not about intense exercise regimens. It's about reconfiguring your personal routine to create a heightened sense of wellness, leaving anxiety about physical appearance behind.

What you get

We use the science of habit formation to help fold new healthy actions into your life. We'll attach new habits to old, allowing you to seamlessly integrate change.

We pinpoint easy wins which helps your brain adapt to the small changes we will make along the way.

We work on a spectrum instead of all or nothing, which prevents your brain from checking-out during travel, stress, or difficult moments.

We establish systems, structure and schedules to make decision making easy.

We get to know you and your brain: Are you a rebel? A rule-follower? By knowing how you think, we will make things easy.



Joanne is such a great help! Her advice has been extremely helpful and catered to my busy life. She understands that I need simple changes and is always available to help me with support and fresh ideas



I worked for 8 weeks with Blueberry Nutrition , I loved her approach to food and habits. She doesn't put you on a diet, she helps you with your habits around food and helps you make the best choices for your optimal health.

- JF


Joanne has been extremely helpful to me in navigating through some food issues. Her advice was wonderful and I never felt judged. I would recommend her expertise to anyone!

- KD


Jo was instrumental in not only helping me with my weight loss, but also stress management and breaking different habits that could have derailed my progress. Jo would constantly reach out to check in on me outside of our scheduled sessions, and would also provide new resources or reiterate things she wanted me to work on. She always made me feel like I had a friend who had my best interest in mind and someone I always looked forward to speak with.

- NR

Coaching Packages

Work 1:1 with Joanne or Get Support from Group Coaching
Seasonal Coaching Package

Seasonal Coaching Package

Regular price $1,500.00

Meet the challenges of any season head-on with this three-month program.  Joanne will help you discover how to improve your health WITHOUT restricting your food. With expert help, develop a personal set of micro habits to accommodate your lifestyle as the season dictates and establish a foundation for wellness and whole health to use in other seasons.

This program includes 6, hour-long telehealth sessions as well as a a digital course, personalized resources and portion guides.

Right for:

  • Establishing a new back-to-school routine with busy children
  • Staying on track during the holidays and vacation
  • Embracing the outdoors in spring and emerging from winter hibernation
  • Post-baby self care, nutrition and sleep counseling
  • A perfect addition to Healthy Habits Club for more 1:1 support

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    Hourly Coaching Rates

    Hourly Coaching Rates

    Regular price $250.00

    Reset your daily actions with this one-hour session with Joanne. Together you'll examine your day and find opportunities to add easy, healthy habits.

    This is also a great option for those who want an introductory session to see Blueberry Nutrition’s magic in action. Also works for  post-program check-in or maintenance session, or as an add-on session to other plans at any time.

    Click HERE to schedule your first 1:1 session!


      VIP Superpower Generator
      VIP Superpower Generator
      VIP Superpower Generator
      VIP Superpower Generator

      VIP Superpower Generator

      Regular price $5,000.00 Sale price $3,500.00

      Are you ready to leave your struggle behind for good, and find your sweet spot of health and peace?
      The VIP Superpower Generator is a fully customized (6) six month program designed to unlock your personal Superpowers.

      This will include:

      • weekly one on one calls or video chats with Joanne,
      • free access to custom courses on how to eat, what to eat and finding your wellness sweet spot
      • goal planning, daily lessons to help you along the way,
      • messaging access to Joanne as a guide and accountability partner
      • a Blueberry welcome gift
      • custom food programs & recipes, and SO MUCH MORE!

      We believe in building sustainable change, through behavioral science, and helping you achieve your goals without the constant struggle.
      The minute you sign up for this course, you'll have access to everything in the Blueberry arsenal to help you achieve your wellness goals.

      "I would be honored to walk with you on this journey to whole health and peace!"
      - Jo


      Simply follow this "Getting Started" checklist:

      • After you checkout, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with some additional information, your Coaching Agreement and Intake Form.
      • Within 48 hours of checkout, someone will be in touch with information about scheduling your first session. Or, you can go ahead and schedule your first session right HERE
      • This is a fully customized program to your individual needs, capabilities and goals. During your first session, Joanne will begin to build your personalized program and give you next steps


      If you are truly ready for change, and looking to go all in, this is your program.

      We will talk every week and you can message me any time. From moment to moment we will meet challenges head-on, adjusting our sails and creating a health journey that works specifically for you. You’ll also get fun surprises and moments of encouragement from Blueberry along the way.

      Contact Joanne

      The Blueberry



      To help women, through behavioral science, build personalized habits and practices that empower each unique individual to achieve and maintain the healthiest version of themselves.

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